Why attend this course?

In this course, we will learn key steps for versioning code in GIT, creating a pull request, branch, commit, and other things used in most teams. We will also see how to prepare a Job in CI/CD system.

For a hands-on demonstration, we'll choose Jenkins. We'll try configuring all the necessary properties, including timing and archiving the results. We will also touch on creating a pipeline using source code. And since most servers run on Linux OS, in the second half of the course, we will cover the basic controls and commands and then try running a virtual container using Docker.

This virtualization is also increasingly common on projects, and even automated tests often run this way, so this is a principal part of a technical tester's knowledge.

Each of the four parts of the course contains practical tasks, including homework assignments, solutions, and even a short quiz to test your knowledge.

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Key takeaways

  • Actively use code versioning
  • Run tests in CI/CD with a presentation of the results
  • Groundwork with Linux OS and Docker

What do I need to know before attending this course?

Basic knowledge of the command line and the ability to install an application in the OS.

For whom is this course intended?

For testers new to automation who need to use versioning and CI/CD systems in practice on a project.

What else is included in this course?

There is a self-paced quiz and homework assignment for each of the four chapters of the course. All the practice problems have complete solutions.

Tomáš Hák

will guide you through the course

Tomáš has been in testing for more than 13 years. He was at the beginnings of automated testing in companies, such as Jobs.cz (LMC), Kolonial (today Košík), Mall.cz, testing of George banking and some Česká Spořitelna APIs, and most recently participated in the test automation of Škoda Auto. He has used a variety of tools and programming/scripting languages. On all projects, the work of an automator could not be done without DevOps, and I often had to set up CI/CD and prepare pipelines In the last four years, in Tesena, he has primarily used Python and the Robot Framework built on top of it.

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