First project

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Libraries extend Robot Framework capabilities

Used in the first exercise:

SeleniumLibrary – allows to work with elements on a web page

Basic Keywords

Open Browser

•open browser URL browser

•open browser chrome

Close Browser

Maximize Browser Window

Input Text

•input text locator text

•input text id=email [email protected]

Click Button / Click Element

•click element   css=input[name="submit"]

Wait Until ...

•wait until element is visible id=username timeout=5s

•wait until element is not visible id=loader timeout=5s

•wait until element contains css=h1 text timeout=5s


•sleep 5s

Element Should Contain

•element should contain locator text


•Basic rule: a test without assertion is not a test!

•Assertion is a comparison of actual result with expected result

•Statement expected to be true

Wait vs Sleep

Wait Until Element Is Visible

•Set Robot Framework to wait until given element appears on the page

•Generally preferable over Sleep


•Sets test to "sleep" for given time

•Should not be used for waiting for elements to load

•Use only in exceptional cases and always comment on why!

Test execution

1.Open Terminal window in PyCharm:

•View -> Tool Windows -> Terminal

•Or open a command line window and navigate to your project folder

2.Type in "robot path\to\mytest.robot" and hit Enter

•where path\to\mytest.robot is relative path to your file with test cases

•you can also run all tests in a folder at once: "robot ." or "robot myfolder"

Exercise goals

  1. Create our first project
  2. Create our first automated test case
  3. Use basic keywords
  4. Use assertions
  5. Execute the test

Test Case

In this video for solving this task, we are using the test site instead of

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